Report 9: Bobo, Marka, Lobi, and Senoufo lands


UPPER VOLTA (Burkina-Faso) From 10th to 22nd February 1938, Denise Savineau travelled through the lands of the Bobo, Marka, Lobi, and Senoufo peoples, at the time under the administration of the French and called the Upper Volta. She visited Dedougou on 10th to 11th Februray, then visited Safané on 12th February, Bobo-Dioulasso on 13th and 14th, Diebougou on 15th, Gaoua on 16th, Batié on 17th, Kampti on 18th, Banfora on 19th, Korhogo on 20th and Boundiali  from 21st to 22nd Februrary. She left the Upper Volta on 22nd February bound for the Ivory Coast . This report differs from the others in that it concentrates on African ethnic groups [Bobo, Marka, Lobi, Senoufo etc.] rather than on French colonial districts.

Please note that this report in English is currently being updated and is temporarily unavailable. Meanwhile the report is available in French in all formats as Rapport 9.


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