Report 8: Ouagadougou


UPPER VOLTA (Burkina-Faso)    Madame Savineau spent from 1 to 10 February 1938 in Ouagadougou, the capital of colonial Upper Volta. Everywhere she went in the region she came across missionary activity. She recounts here in detail two such missionary ventures: the first is a carpet factory at the Pabré seminary. Savineau has a particular interest in international labour law and child labour, and she notes with disapproval the presence of young children in this factory. She describes how they were working in very poor conditions and what effects this was having on their health. Girls as young as eight were found carding wool in a shed. Others were dying wool using indigo in unventilated hangars in suffocating heat. In the seminary itself she witnessed a public speaking class where the pupils were speaking in ungrammatical French, and the Father was not correcting them. She seems shocked by this. Finally in the report she recounts a very important meeting she is granted with the Emperor of the Mossi nation, le Moro Naba of Ouagadougou. She also met the Emperor's ministers, le Gounga Naba, le Ouidi Naba.

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