Report 17: Casamance


SENEGAL  In May 1938 Savineau was on the last leg of her long tour around the colonies of French West Africa. She arrived in Kolda in southern Senegal on 14 May 1938, visiting Sedhiou on 15 to 16 May, Ziguinchor from 17 to 19, and Bignona on 20 May. She left Casamance, situated south of the British colony of the Gambia, and travelled up to Bathurst, the capital of the Gambia under British occupation. She stayed the night of 22 May 1938 in the British colony. On 23 May she continued northwards through Senegal, visiting Kaolack that day, Diourbel the following day and finally arriving back in Dakar on 25 May 1938, seven months and one week after her departure from Dakar the previous Autumn.

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