Report 15: The Fouta-Djallon


FRENCH GUINEA (GUINEA) In April and May 1938 Savineau travels through the mountainous region of the Fouta-Djallon, located in the heart of the country then known as 'French Guinea'. The name Fouta-Djallon (or Fouta-Djalon) comes from the Djalonké for 'the mountain of the Djalonkés'. In April she visited Mamou, Labe, Mali, Pita, and Dalaba, before moving on to Gaoual in May. In Dalaba she takes a particular interest in the health service, and spends some time with the African doctor there, Mr Deen. She describes the conditions he is having to work under as very difficult, 'You only have to step into the so-called hospital to realise that it is a crime to admit women and children to these premises'. She also visits Youkounkoum, which is not mentioned in her itinerary, which was part of the Gaoual administrative district or cercle as they were known in French.

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