Report 14: Siguiri and the gold fields of Guinea


FRENCH GUINEA (GUINEA)  This report is written at times in the style of a story, rather than an administrative report, and reminds the reader of Savineau's report on Chad, published in Paris in 1934, where she used a lyrical style in places to describe the sights and sounds of Chad, and her feelings and impressions of Africa. She focuses the story here on the Africans working in the gold fields of what the Europeans called 'French Guinea'. She describes the work of the 'gold washer', the 'Soughoumbali', the 'gold-seer', and the miners. Gold was worth 30 francs a gram in the field, and over 3.000 kilogrammes of gold was being exported each year from French Guinea in the late 1930s.

Please note that this report in English is currently being updated and is temporarily unavailable. Meanwhile the report is available in 3 formats in French on this website as Rapport 14.


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