Report 12: The Western Lower Ivory Coast


IVORY COAST (Côte d'Ivoire)    Savineau visited the villages in the western region of the Ivory Coast between 11 and 31 March 1938, and she also included in the Report 12 her account of Zuenoula, visited on 22-23 February. She started off her tour of this region from Dabou on 11 March, spending 12 March in Tiassale, 13 March in Divo (where she also visited Lakota not listed in her itinerary). She spent 14 March in Gagnoa, 15 March in Bouaflé and Dalao, 16 March in Guiglo, finishing up in Man on 17 March, where she stayed until the end of the month. She also visited the villages of Diezon and Tichigne, not listed in the Ivory Coast itinerary given in Report 10. From 17 to 31 March she remained in Man to write up reports 7 to 11.

Please note that this report in English is currently being updated and is temporarily unavailable. Meanwhile the report is available in 3 formats in French on this website as Rapport 12.


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