Report 11: Grand Bassam, Abidjan, and Bingerville.


IVORY COAST (Côte d'Ivoire)  This report focuses on urban life in the Ivory Coast’s three main cities of the south: Abidjan , Bingerville and Grand-Bassam, which she visited from 4 to 10 March 1938. By way of an introduction to Report 11, Savineau admitted that it was quite impossible to see everything of importance in three big cities in just one week. She explains her intention as simply to recount her observations without attempting to draw conclusions or to generalise from these observations.

The report is divided into 2 sections, section 1 covers Abidjan and Bingerville where she also reports on the village of Adjame, the quarry of Akebefian near Abidjan where 25 Mossi workers died, and Treichville. Section 2 covers Grand-Bassam.

Please note that this report in English is currently being updated and is temporarily unavailable. Meanwhile the report is available in 3 formats in French on this website as Rapport 11.


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